Voting feature allows you to create poll for a particular committee and share it to the committee members for the taking their vote.

Voting page provides you with the lists of polls created for the voting. You can filter the voting based on status of the poll such as All, Active, Disabled and Ended.

Voting list table provides the following details:

  • Name of the poll

  • Name of the committee for which poll has been created

  • Poll created date

  • Status of the poll

  • Poll end date

  • Managing the poll

Creating a Poll

You can create a poll to be voted for a particular committee. To create a poll, perform the following steps:

  1. Log into the PCC.

  2. The Project dashboard appears. Click Voting from the Collaboration tab.

  1. Click Create Poll.

  1. The Create New Poll dialog box appears. Enter the following details and click Save.

Field Description


Provide the name of the poll


Select the required committee for which you have created the poll

Close Date

Enter the date for closing the poll


Enter a short description for the poll


Enter the polling question

Type of Response

Select the required response for the entered question

Option 1, Option 2

Enter the options

Click + Add Option and + Add Question links to add multiple options and questions.

Managing Poll

You can manage a poll that has been created. You can view the results of the poll as well as send reminders for the committee members to participate in polls.

View Results

To view the results of the poll, perform the following steps:

  1. The View Results dialog box appears with results details.

Click download icon to download the results in an image format.

Send Reminder

To send the reminder to the committee members to participate in the poll, perform the following steps:

  1. The Send Poll Reminder dialog box appears. Select the required members and click Send to send the reminder.

You can only send reminders to the members who have not voted.

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