View and Address the Top Unaffiliated Contributors

Prerequisites: Ensure that you have access to Identities & Affiliations for project.

To View and Address Unaffiliated Contributors:

  1. Click a project of interest.

  2. Click Identities & Affiliations.

A menu provides the following options:

  • Home lists the top unaffiliated contributors, and lets you search profiles.

  • Blacklist lists shows blacklisted email addresses in alphabetical order, lets you search and add an email address to the blacklist, and remove an email address from blacklist.

Top Unaffiliated Contributors list the top-ten contributors with the greatest numbers of contributions that have no affiliation.

Address Top Unaffiliated Contributors

Missing affiliations for this contributor's profile might cause inaccurate counts for your project statistics.

1. Search a profile by typing the name in the field or under Top Unaffiliated Contributors, click the name of the contributor or hover mouse over Commits number for the contributor of interest and click search.

Note: The unique identity of the profile is displayed with all the details, such as Name, Email, Affiliations, Bot, Country, Last Modified On, and # specifying the number of identities associated with the person.

  • Searching a contributor by clicking his/her name under Top Unaffiliated Contributors, shows the unique identity of the contributor's profile.

  • Searching a contributor by entering his/her name in the Search Profiles field, shows all the identities associated with the profile.

2. Click the name under Name column to see identities associated with the profile.

3. Continue to Step 5 of Merge or Un-merge an Identity Profile.

4. Select Home and scan Top Unaffiliated Contributors. The contributor name is no longer listed because you have addressed the missing affiliations.

Due to a lag in the list refresh, names can remain in a Top Unaffiliated list even after you have addressed the missing affiliation. Check the list again later.

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