User Access

The User Access page allows you to display and manage who has access to the Organization Dashboard. The User Access page also performs the following actions:

  • List of users with admin and viewer access in your organization

  • Invite users to the organization

  • Filtering of users

  • Profile view of user

  • Delete a user

  • Edit access of a user

Users will only see individuals needing access based on their invitations or roles within your organization. "Missing to LFX" will not be visible to them.

User Access table

The User Access table provides you with a list of users from your organization along with their dashboard access whether they have admin or view access to the dashboard. It also displays if a user is in a pending invite or removal state.

An Admin user has privileges including editing, inviting, and removing user access; managing key contacts; requesting changes in membership entitlement roles; and editing the profile.

A Viewer user can view and download reports.

Inviting a User

Administrators can invite a new user to contribute to a particular open source project.

To invite a new user to a project, perform the following steps:

  1. Click User menu from the vertical sidebar menu.

  2. The User page appears. Click Invite Users button available on the top right of the page.

  1. The Invite to LFX dialog appears. You can invite a user by providing the email ID or bulk import by uploading the CSV file.

Select Enter Recipient radio button, enter the Recipient(s) email ID, select the role that you want to provide the user (admin or viewer role), click Add, and click Send Invitation(s) button to invite a new user.

You can add up to 8 users at a time while sending out the invitations.

To invite bulk users (users belonging to your organization), select Upload a CSV radio button, drag and drop the CSV file that has user details, and click Send Invitation(s) button.

4. An invitation link will be shared with the recipient. The user should update the details from the invitation that has been shared to add themselves as a new employee for an open source project.

The Preview Invitation Email link will provide a preview of the email invitation which will be shared with the invitee. The Preview email contains the details about the invitation as well as FAQs related to the Organization Dashboard.

Filtering of Users

Administrators can filter users based on access (admin or viewer access).

To filter users by access, perform the following steps:

1.Click Filters. Select the required access and click Apply.

Profile View of a User

You can view the details related to a user by viewing their profile. Profile View provides the following details related to the user:

  • Name of the user

  • Activities associated with the user such as Technical, Events and Trainings

  • Project name for which user is associated with

  • List of repositories for which the user is a maintainer

To view the profile of a user, perform the following steps:

1.Click the User Name.

2.The Profile dialog box appears with all the details.

Editing User Access

Administrator can edit the access of the user from Admin to Viewer or the other way.

To edit the user access, perform the following steps:

1.Click the pencil icon available under the Actions column.

2.The Edit Access dialog box appears. Click Save Changes to update the access.

The Remove all access button will initiate the deletion of the user.

There will not be any automated email sent to the user. The Administrator has to inform the user about the update to their access.

Delete a User

An administrator can remove the user from the user access table.

To delete a user, perform the following steps:

1.Click the delete icon associated with a user.

2.The Delete User dialog box appears. You can see a table with the list of projects the user is associated with. The following points are important while delete a user:

  • You need to reassign the project to yourself or any other user.

  • You can either remove the user by clicking the cross mark.

  • You cannot remove the user who is the primary contact for the project. You need to reassign it to any other user.

  • If a user is associated with the committees, you need to raise a Customer Support ticket to delete a user.

3.After reassigning of the user, select the I understand message and click Delete User.

When you delete a user, there are two actions will be performed. A Success Path where the user is deleted or Error path where the user is not deleted for some back end reasons. You can retry deleting it again. If you face issues again, you need to raise a Customer Support ticket.

FAQ's on User Access

Q: When you delete a user, what happens if they are in a failed state?

  • You will not be able to successfully delete the user. Some actions to reassign and remove roles will appear, however the remaining ones are the ones that have been removed/changed.

Q: When you delete a user what happens?

  • The user you’ve deleted no longer has access to the Organization Dashboard.

  • Any future company affiliation data from the user will no longer appear - Training, Events, Project Contributions, etc. You’ll still see their past activity data.

  • All the reassignment/edits will appear instantaneously on the users.

Q: What if I no longer see Committee seats for my Active Membership?

  • Before deleting a user, always ensure the Committee seats are checked and coordinated with the Program Manager for proper reassignment.

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