Key Metrics

The Key Metrics and Detailed Analysis section includes four high-level tiles with charts highlighting significant trends and patterns within your analytics data.

The cumulative charts help you compare different metrics on single charts. This comparative analysis helps identify relationships and draw meaningful conclusions.

  1. Mailing Lists: Indicates the total number of mailing lists associated with the project for the selected period.

  2. Messages: Displays the total count of messages exchanged within the selected mailing list(s) for the selected period.

  3. Contributors: shows the total number of contributors actively participating in discussions.

  4. Organizations: highlights the involved organizations or entities contributing to the discussions within the mailing lists.

Analyze the charts

  1. On the Overview page, select the project and repositories (1) for which you want to see the data.

  2. From the left navigation, click Mailing List.

  3. Select the specific period using the filter option (2).

  4. Click the high-level tile (3), which shows the total number of themailing lists/ messages/ contributors/ organizations for the selected time range.

  5. The detailed analysis charts show the following details:

    1. Mailing Lists: shows Active mailing lists vs. total mailing lists.

    2. Messages: shows new messages vs. the total messages for the selected period.

    3. Contributors: shows new contributors vs. the total contributors for the selected period.

    4. Organizations: shows new organizations vs. total organizations for the selected period.

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