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What is Community Management?

Community Management is a Customer Data Platform(CDP) tool which collects and stores customer data from across the communities in a single database for data unification, identity resolution, analysis, and activation.
By utilizing this tool, we can effectively identify key contributors and organizations, facilitating more efficient community support
Key points:
  • It consolidates developers' touchpoints with a company or brand.
  • It captures data from community platforms, product channels, and commercial channels.
  • The data is cleaned, and profiles are matched across platforms and enriched with third-party data.
  • The platform provides a unified 360-degree view of developers' engagement, their companies, and their customer journey.
Why Community Management?
  • Data-Driven Insights: CM provides comprehensive analytics for a clear understanding of community engagement and contributor behavior across multiple platforms
  • Efficient Management: Simplifies complex data, aiding in decision-making and efficient community management and support
  • Contributor and Organization Identification: Identifies not only key individual contributors, but also top-contributing organizations, recognizing where most active participants are affiliated
  • Cross-Platform Integration: Tracks interactions across various platforms like GitHub, X, etc., offering a holistic view of the community's activities
Better data helps us better support our community members!
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