New Contributors

The ranking is based on the number of messages or contributions from newly onboarded contributors to the mailing lists during a specific period.

This dashboard provides insights into the new contributor's activity for the selected projects. It integrates data from to help you understand how new contributors are engaging with your project's mailing lists.

Analyze the leaderboard

  1. On the Overview page, select the project and repositories for which you want to see the new contributor leaderboard.

  2. From the left navigation, click Mailing Lists.

  3. Look for the date filter in the top-right corner of the dashboard.

  4. Click on the calendar icon and select the timeframe you want to analyze. You can choose predefined options like "Last year," or "this year," or set a custom date range.

  5. Scroll down the Mailing Lists dashboard to see the leaderboard.

  6. The leaderboard displays the top contributors based on their message count during the chosen period.

  7. Each entry shows:

    • Rank: Position on the leaderboard based on message count.

    • Contributor Name: Username of the contributor.

    • Messages: Total number of messages posted.

    • Last Message Date: Date of the most recent message posted.

  8. Click Show More to expand the list.

Why is this metric useful?

  • Identify Potential Contributors: Discover individuals who are actively engaging and might be interested in contributing to other project areas.

  • Measure Community Growth: Track the rate at which new people are joining the mailing list, which can indicate overall community health.

  • Regularly review the leaderboard to identify any trends or patterns in new contributor activity.

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