Release Version: V0.1.0

Date: February 22, 2024


Insights V3 is an open-source analytical tool that provides insights from analyzing open-source software (OSS) projects.

Insights V3 helps project leads and technical managers understand their team members' engagement and participation in open-source projects, and identify the most active and productive contributors.

New Features

No new features have been added in this release.

Enhancements Summary:

  • Optimized Individual Project Card Data Retrieval: The data fetching for individual project cards has been significantly optimized, resulting in quicker load times and an enhanced user experience.

  • Enhanced Loading Performance for Foundation -> Projects Page: Loading times for the Foundation > Projects page have been drastically reduced through the implementation of advanced loading techniques, ensuring smoother user navigation.

  • Integration of DBT Models: All data within Insights V3 now utilize DBT (Data Build Tool) models, offering more scalable and robust data handling capabilities.

  • Model rendering and performance optimization with Cube Cloud: All dbt models are mapped to cubes and views with defined pre-aggregations in Cube Cloud’s semantic layer, optimizing load times.

  • Overall System Performance Improvements: A series of system optimizations have been carried out, leading to noticeable improvements in the tool's performance and reliability.

UI Enhancements

  • Enhanced Responsiveness: We have improved the alignment of cards across various screen sizes for a seamless viewing experience.

  • Report Filters Redesign: Filters in the Reports section that were previously considered "extra" have now been integrated into the top filter box for easier access.

  • New Default Period: The default period for viewing data has been updated to the Last 12 months, allowing for more relevant insights.

  • Color Palette Refresh: The site now follows a new color palette to maintain consistency and enhance visual appeal.

  • UI Consistency Improvements: Adjustments in alignment, padding, and margins across the platform ensure a unified and more polished look for all cards.

  • Project Status Indicator: Projects still in the onboarding phase will now be highlighted with a subtle red color for better visibility.

  • Updated Navigation: Clicking the LFX Logo will now redirect users to the Insights landing page, streamlining navigation.

  • Clarified Chart Descriptions: The description for the "Contribution outside working hours" chart has been refined for clarity.

Bug Fixes

  • Rectify the Best Practices category mismatch issue

  • Update the tooltip data for the Reports -> Active Contributors chart to reflect the Last 10 Years time range accurately

  • Ensure the presence of the Hyperledger Foundation logo on the Hyperledger card

  • Address the rounding-off error in the Software Value calculation

  • Fix the pagination bug on the Foundation -> Projects page

  • Eliminate the 100-row loading limit for sub-projects

Known Issues

  • Some of the projects are still onboarding, so the data may not be correct.

  • The date range filter in the dashboard module may not always display the correct data when selecting custom date ranges.

  • You may encounter occasional inconsistencies in data synchronization between Insights V3 and external data sources, leading to discrepancies in reporting.


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