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Roles: Developer, Community Manager, Project Manager

Where: Communication dashboards are available from the Chat Room and Mailing List drop-down lists.

Chat Room provides metrics of slack activity, and Mailing List provides metrics of and Pipermail. A mailing list is a common way for project community members to interact with others in a project. Mailing lists are often set up so that all members can send to the list. Members can ask questions and get help or provide information to others on the list. A busy mailing list can be a good indicator of the health of community engagement in the project. For our analysis, we will consider Pipermail as an example here.

Do these steps:

  1. Click a project name of interest.

  2. From the Mailing List drop-down list, select Pipermail > Overview. A dashboard shows information about email activity in projects and who sent emails and when. Information about the corresponding organization is also provided. For detail, see Pipermail > Overview.

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