Release Version: V0.1.13

Date: April 08, 2024


Insights is an open-source analytical tool that provides insights from analyzing open source software (OSS) projects.

Insights helps project leads and technical managers understand their team members' engagement and participation in open source projects, and identify the most active and productive contributors.

New Features

No new features have been added in this release.

Enhancements Summary:

  • Backend Performance: Strengthened backend performance for Organization Dependency, Contributor Dependency, and Leaderboard tables on the Overview page by integrating DBT Platinum models, significantly improving data processing times.

  • UI Enhancements: Initiated a clean-up of the plugin's interface to streamline user experience.

  • Project Metrics: Enhanced the efficiency of fetching key project metrics data, ensuring more accurate and timely insights.

UI Enhancements

  • Active Days Chart Width and Sizing Adjustments: Modified to align with the sizing of other bar charts for visual consistency.

  • New Sidebar Navigation: Implemented an enhanced sidebar navigation system for improved user experience.

  • Progress Bar Styling Updates: Revised progress bar designs to match our latest stylistic preferences.

  • UI Card Alignment: Updated user interface cards to adhere to the new LFX Style Guide, ensuring a cohesive look and feel.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issues with exporting PNG files in the Geographical Distribution section, mailing list components, and velocity charts.

  • Bug fixes in Pagination for Organization and Contributor Dependency charts

  • Resolved issues where the Active Contributors chart wasn't loading in the Reports Contributors section.

  • Fixed bug on Best Practices flyout sidebar error.

Known Issues

  • Some of the projects are still onboarding, so the data may not be correct.

  • The date range filter in the dashboard module may not always display the correct data when selecting custom date ranges.

  • You may encounter occasional inconsistencies in data synchronization between Insights and external data sources, leading to discrepancies in reporting.


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