Foundation Cards

On the landing page, the foundation cards are designed to show you real-time data and key metrics related to the foundation and its projects.

A foundation card displays the following key metrics:

Key Metrics
  • Total contributors

  • Total organizations

  • Total Projects

  • Lines of code

  • PRs

  • Commits

  • Software Value (COCOMO)

Interact with Foundation Cards

When you click on a foundation card, it opens up a Foundation Dashboard dedicated to that foundation. Here, you will find more detailed information about the foundation's contributions to the open source community.

A foundation card has the following details:

  1. It shows the key metrics of the foundation.

  2. Software Value: Constructive Cost Modal (COCOMO) is a procedural cost estimate model for software projects.

On the top of each card, you can see the icons of the integrated data source. For example, on the above card, GitHub is an integrated data source.

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