Project Ecosystem

On the Foundation Overview page, you will find the Project Ecosystem Metrics. This section includes two informative charts.

Project Ecosystem Metrics

Project Ecosystem Metrics in an open source foundation represent quantitative measurements that provide insights into the health, growth, and diversity of projects within the foundation's ecosystem. These metrics involve data analysis across various dimensions, such as:

  • Project Maturity Levels: Categorization of projects based on their developmental stage, community engagement, and stability.

  • Growth Trends: Analysis of the number of projects being accepted over time, indicating the expansion and attraction of the foundation's ecosystem.

  • Diversity Indices: Evaluation of the diversity within projects and their communities, assessing the inclusiveness and global reach of the foundation's ecosystem.

  • Sustainability Indicators: Insights into the long-term viability of projects, including funding, resource allocation, and project continuity plans.

Disclaimer: It is not necessary that all the foundations follow the same maturity level categorization. So, the Foundation Overview page may look different for your foundation.

You will see the total number of projects of the foundation as per their maturity level.

Projects Accepted Over Time

  • The chart enables visualization of growth and acceptance patterns for new projects.

  • Hovering over the chart reveals the count of projects accepted during specific time frames.

  • It presents a historical trend of project acceptances into your foundation over time.

  • Provides analysis of acceptance rates to identify periods of high or low project acceptance.

  • The subsequent chart illustrates the trend of projects approved by your foundation.

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