Geographical Distribution

Insights V3 often incorporates a Geographical Distribution metric to provide insights into the locations from which contributions originate.

Geographical Distribution analyzes and visualizes the contributions made by contributors across different regions around the world. It provides a breakdown of the top regions based on the total number of contributors, providing a clear understanding of the project's global engagement and scope.

Analyze the chart

Hover over the chart to view the number of contributors for each region during the selected period. This information provides a more granular view of contributor activity within specific regions.

Why is this metric important?

  • Global Impact: Geographical Distribution allows you to assess the global impact of the open source project by providing insights into the regions where contributions are coming from.

  • Regional Comparison: Compare the contribution numbers across different regions to identify any notable variations. Assess whether certain regions show consistent contribution levels or if there are fluctuations that require further investigation.

  • Top Contributing Regions: It helps to identify the top five regions based on the total number of contributions. These regions represent areas where the project has significant engagement and impact.

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