The Star Metric measures and analyzes the number of stars a project receives on a code hosting platform like GitHub.

The metric gives you a real-time data analysis of projects' popularity, community engagement, and overall project visibility.

Stars represent a way for you to bookmark or indicate your interest in and appreciation for a particular project. Each star serves as a measure of the project's popularity.

Interact with the chart

To analyze the Star Metric, the analytics tool employs a line chart on its dashboard. The line connecting the data points on the chart showcases the trend and changes in the number of stars over time.

When you hover over a specific point on the line chart, detailed information about the number of stars for that particular month within the selected period is displayed.

Why is this metric important?

The metric helps you analyze your project's popularity. A higher number of stars generally suggests a widely recognized and appreciated project, potentially attracting more contributors.

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