Confluence Data Analytics Dashboard in Open Source Analytics Application Insights V3

The Confluence Data Analytics Dashboard available in the open-source analytics application, Insights V3, provides a comprehensive suite of tools designed for deep analysis of user interactions, collaboration patterns, and content efficiency within the Confluence platform. Here is an overview of its features:

Real-Time Data Visualization

  • Track peak times for user engagement and contributions.

  • User Interaction Graphs: Visualize the network of collaborations among users.

Content Analysis

  • Page Views and Edits Tracking: Monitor the popularity and evolution of content over time.

  • Most Engaged Content: Identify the content that receives the most views, comments, and shares.

Collaboration Scores

  • Team Performance Metrics: Evaluate the productivity and collaboration levels of different teams.

  • Individual Contribution Insights: Assess the input of individual team members in the collaborative process.

Custom Reports

  • Flexible Filtering: Create custom reports by applying filters based on users, time frames, and content types.

  • Export Features: Export reports in various formats for sharing or further analysis.

The dashboard integrates seamlessly with Confluence, leveraging its API to pull real-time data. This enables teams to make data-driven decisions, enhance collaboration, and improve content quality on the Confluence platform.

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