Work Time Distribution Impact

The Work Time Distribution Impact Dashboard analyzes how contributors allocate their work time and the impact of different activities on project progress.

The chart shows the trends of commits and finds patterns if long hours, non-business hours, or weekends have contributed to burnout. Burnout can be thought of as a lower number of commits over a long period, before which there was heightened activity (commits).

The purpose of the chart is to find out if there is a risk of burnout among contributors due to long hours.

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Why is this important?

  • Workload Distribution: Monitoring the Work Time Distribution Impact helps identify potential workload imbalances among contributors. If one or a few contributors are consistently spending a disproportionate amount of time on specific activities, it can lead to burnout or reduced productivity.

  • Performance Evaluation: The Work Time Distribution Impact metric can contribute to performance evaluation and feedback processes. By analyzing how contributors allocate their work time, project managers can identify patterns of efficiency or areas that require improvement.

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