Project Cards

On the landing page, the project cards are designed to show you real-time data and key metrics related to each project.

A project card displays the following key metrics:

Key metrics on a project card may vary as per the data sources. Projects with Git data sources will have fewer metrics.

Key Metrics:
  • Contributors

  • Pull requests

  • commits issues

  • Stars

  • Forks

  • Active contributors

  • Participating organizations

  • Issue response time

  • Average wait time for 1st review

  • Best practice score

Interact with Project Cards

When you click on a project card, it opens up an overview page dedicated to that specific project. This overview page provides more detailed information about the project, such as in-depth analytics, charts, and other relevant data.

The Project Card has the following details:

  1. GitHub Icon: Click the (1) GitHub icon to go to the GitHub repositories of the project.

  1. Aggregated data: it shows the real-time data of contributions, commits, PRs, issues, stars, and forks for the project.

  2. Info Icon: shows the date and the time when the Best Practice Score was last updated.

  3. Software Value: Constructive Cost Modal (COCOMO) is a procedural cost estimate model for software projects.

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