Top Mailing Lists

This chart ranks public mailing lists based on their overall activity, considering total messages, unique authors, and contributions from different organizations. It highlights the most active and engaged mailing lists within the project for the selected period.

How to Read the Mailing List Activity Leaderboard

The Leaderboard provides a snapshot of the most vibrant mailing lists within your project for a selected time period. Here's how to interpret the information:

  • Ranking: Indicates the position of each mailing list based on activity levels, with #1 being the most active.

  • Name: The name of the mailing list.

  • Threads: The count of discussion threads initiated in the mailing list.

  • Messages: Total number of messages posted in all threads.

  • Subscribers: The number of individuals subscribed to receive updates from the mailing list.

  • Contributors: Unique individuals who have posted at least one message to the mailing list.

  • Organization: The entities (like companies or institutions) that contributors are affiliated with.

Each category also displays a change (+/-) compared to the previous period, helping you see trends like growth or reduction in activity.

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