Organizations Reports

The Organizations' reports provide insights into the individuals who have contributed to the project. The report gives you key metrics that you can use to assess a healthy contribution from multiple organizations.

Analyze the dashboard

Accessing the Dashboard

  1. Select the project from the landing page or from the foundation page.

  2. On the left navigation pane, click Reports>Organizations.

  3. Select the repositories from the drop-down menu to analyze the data for the particular repository.

Date Filter

  1. In the top-right corner, you will find the date filter option.

  2. Click on the date filter to open a calendar.

  3. Select the desired start and end dates for the data you want to analyze.

  4. Click Apply to update the dashboard with the selected date range.

Data Source Selection

  1. Locate the drop-down menu for data source selection. For more information, see Data source platforms.

Toggle Button for New Organizations

  1. Locate the Display Only New Organizations toggle button.

  2. Toggle it on to display data only for new organizations within the selected period.

  3. Toggle it off to view data for all organizations.

Total Organizations Chart

  1. Explore the Total Organizations chart section. When you toggle the New Organizations button, it displays the total number of new organizations.

  2. Hover over the data points to view specific counts for that time.

Active Organizations Today/This Week/This Month

  1. Explore the Active Organizations Today, Active Organizations This Week, or Active Organizations This Month charts. The Charts are date filter independent. They show real-time data

  2. Click View to expand the list on the right side and see the list of organizations.

Active Organizations vs. Returning Organizations

The chart shows new organizations when you toggle on the Display Only New Organizations Button.

Returning Organizations

Leaderboard - Most Active Organizations

  1. Navigate to the Leaderboard section.

  2. You will find a list of the most active contributors.

  3. Review their names and corresponding activity levels.

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