A Velocity dashboard in Insights V3 is a visual representation that provides insights into the development team's velocity. Velocity refers to the rate at which the team completes work or delivers features over a specific period. This dashboard tracks and measures the team's productivity and progress.

It typically displays key metrics related to the team's velocity, such as Performance Metrics, Lead Time, Average Review Time, Average Wait Time for First Review, and Code Engagement.

A Velocity dashboard can help project managers and stakeholders understand the team's capacity and performance over time. The dashboard is useful to project managers, leads, development teams, and stakeholders in several ways:

  • The dashboard helps project managers estimate the team's capacity, progress, and performance over time. It provides insights into the team's historical productivity and better resource allocation.

  • The velocity dashboard allows development teams to assess their own performance and productivity. They can track their progress, identify patterns, and improve their estimation accuracy by comparing planned work with actual velocity.

  • The velocity dashboard provides stakeholders with visibility into the progress and productivity of the development team. It enables you to track the status of deliverables, understand the team's capacity, and make informed decisions based on real-time data.

Overall, a velocity dashboard is a useful tool for project management, performance evaluation, collaboration, and decision-making, benefiting all stakeholders involved in the open source software development process.

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