Release Version: V0.1.1

Date: February 29, 2024


Insights V3 is an open-source analytical tool that provides insights from analyzing open source software (OSS) projects.

Insights V3 helps project leads and technical managers understand their team members' engagement and participation in open source projects, and identify the most active and productive contributors.

New Features

No new features have been added in this release.

Enhancements Summary:

  • Backend Enhancement for Faster Data Loading

    The team has made a new improvement to speed up how quickly data loads. This should make the system work better and improve how users experience it.

UI Enhancements

Text changes:

  • Column names on organization-related tables from 'Name' to 'Organization'.

  • Column name: Foundation overview -> Project Velocity table from 'Authors' to 'Contributors'.

  • changed the card description for the Contributions Outside Work Hours component.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix column alignment issues on leaderboard tables

  • Enable the filtering of the table in the Project Velocity section on the Foundation overview page

  • Fix issues with downloading PNG on the Reports -> Activities page components

  • Fix the issue with French Polynesia not showing up on the activities by Geographical Distribution metrics

Known Issues

  • Some of the projects are still onboarding, so the data may not be correct.

  • The date range filter in the dashboard module may not always display the correct data when selecting custom date ranges.

  • You may encounter occasional inconsistencies in data synchronization between Insights V3 and external data sources, leading to discrepancies in reporting.


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