Sign In to the EasyCLA Management Console

Project managers sign in to the EasyCLA Management Console to perform the CLA set-up and management tasks.

1. Go to

2. On Projects card, click Proceed.

3. Enter your credentials as the project manager, and click SIGN IN.

Result: The CLA Management Console appears and lists your assigned projects from the Linux Foundation, for example:

4. Click a project name of interest.

For each project, the CLA Management Console provides the following information:

  • GitHub Organizations shows the organizations to which you have connected to the CLA Management Console. Organizations are shared accounts where companies and open source projects can collaborate across many projects at once.

  • CLA Groups shows the CLA groups that you have added to the project. A CLA group defines one or more CLA types that contributors must sign.

    • GitHub Repositories shows the repositories that you have configured to require CLA monitoring for pull requests.

    • Gerrit Instances shows the Gerrit instances that you have added to require CLA monitoring for pushes.

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