Add or Delete an Organization Affiliation

Organizations are shared accounts where open source projects can collaborate across many projects at once. Affiliation Management lets you:

  • Affiliate a profile with one or more organizations and for a specific enrollment period—this means that Insights counts the affiliated profile data in various organization charts and graphs.

  • Delete an organization affiliation—this means that Insights does not count the affiliated profile data in organization charts and graphs.

  1. Select a project name of interest.

  2. Click Identities & Affiliations.

  3. Select a profile from Top Unaffiliated Contributors list or search for a profile.

  4. Click a row that corresponds to a name of interest. Profile Information appears.

  5. Navigate to Organization Affiliation. Organizations and their corresponding enrollment dates are listed.

Add an Organization Affiliation

An organization affiliation relates a profile (unique identity) and an organization. An enrollment specifies that the person is associated with (employed at) an organization during a certain period.

1. Click Add New. The Add an Enrollment pane appears. Note: Organization Name and Start date are mandatory fields.

2. In the Organization Name field, start typing the name you want to add and select a name from the drop-down list that appears. (Click X next to the field to cancel your selection.) Note: If organization name doesn't appear from list, click Add new Organization from the option shown.

3. Specify an enrollment period by selecting start and end dates. Enter in a date field or click the down arrow to open a calendar and select a date. You can change the enrollment period at anytime.

4. Click Add Enrollment. The organization is listed in Affiliations.

Delete an Organization Affiliation

  1. Click Delete next to the organization that you want to withdraw.

  2. Click Delete on the Confirm dialog that appears.

    The organization affiliation is deleted.

Update an Organization Affiliation

You can update only enrollment dates.

  1. Click Update next to the organization for which you want to update the enrollment dates.

  2. Change enrollment dates, and click Update Enrollment Dates. The organization affiliation is updated.

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