Filter Data

LFX Insights aggregates data and creates comprehensive dashboards from specific data sources. Dashboards include relevant visualizations that display analytic metrics and important data points. You can select and open a dashboard from drop-down lists corresponding to each data source.

A drop-down list is only available when a related data source is configured for the project.

To Filter Data:

1. From a project overview page, click a data source, for example Pull Requests / Changesets.

2. Select a dashboard from the drop-down list: The selected dashboard appears and shows relevant visualizations.

3. On a selected dashboard, navigate to the Filter visualization card, select values from the drop-down lists, and click Apply Changes to filter the dashboard data.

  • Apply changes: Filters the dashboard as per selected values

  • Cancel changes: If there are filter values selected before, it shows the previously selected filter values in the respective drop-down fields. If there are no filter values selected before, it cancels the present values.

  • Clear from: It clears all the filter values, and lets you add new values in the respective drop-down fields.

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