Add GitHub Repositories to CLA Monitoring or Remove Them From CLA Monitoring

As a project manager, you can add GitHub repositories to CLA monitoring or remove them from CLA monitoring.

To add or remove Github Repo:

1. Sign in to the CLA management console.

2.Click a project of interest.

3. In the GitHub Repositories pane, click CONFIGURE GITHUB REPOSITORIES.

The Configure GitHub Repositories dialog appears and lists the GitHub repositories that are available for your organization.

4. For the repository that you want to configure, click an option:

  • ADD adds the repository to the CLA group and to CLA monitoring. After you add a repository, the REMOVE option becomes available next to the repository.

  • REMOVE disables CLA enforcement on the repository. After you remove a repository, the ADD option appears next to the repository.

  • REMOVE removes the repository from the CLA group and CLA monitoring. After you remove a repository, the ADD option appears next to the repository.

  • DISABLED indicates that the repository has been configured for another CLA group and thus cannot be configured for the selected CLA group.

  • ADD ALL REPOS adds all repositories for the corresponding GitHub Organization to CLA enforcement. After you add the repositories the REMOVE option appears next to each repository.

5. Click CLOSE.

The CLA Management Console appears. Repositories shows a checkmark next to each repository that EasyCLA will monitor for the organization and the CLA group.

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