Install the EasyCLA Application

The EasyCLA Application installation process connects GitHub to the CLA Management Console. After you complete installation, you must configure the repositories to enforce CLA monitoring.

To Install the EasyCLA Application:

1. Sign in to the CLA management console.

2. Click a project of interest.

3. Click CONNECT GITHUB ORGANIZATION. The Add GitHub Organization dialog appears and lets you specify the GitHub organization.

Connecting your GitHub organization will let you enable EasyCLA checks on that organization. If you already have a CLA process in place, go to the Linux Foundation Support Center, fill the form, and click Create to file a ticket to describe your particular needs, and import your existing CLAs.

4. Enter your organization name in the GitHub Organization URL field. The URL automatically appends the name. Click CONNECT.

Result: The Connect LF CLA App to GitHub Organization dialog appears.

The GitHub organization name value is case-sensitive—make sure that the name you enter matches the case of your GitHub organization name exactly.

5. Read the instructions and click INSTALL THE GITHUB CLA APP. ​The EasyCLA Application opens in GitHub

6. Click Install on the EasyCLA Application.

7. Select one or more repositories and assign permissions. Click Install.

The CLA Management Console appears and the GitHub Organizations pane shows the organizations and the repositories that the EasyCLA Application is authorized to monitor.

  • To delete an organization from monitoring, click DELETE next to the organization that you want to delete. A confirmation dialog appears. Click DELETE. You must also Uninstall LF CLA Application for Your Organization that you installed in Step 5.

  • A message informs you that your project needs a CLA group. A CLA group defines one or more CLA types that contributors must sign.

  • If the EasyCLA Application is not connected to GitHub properly, an error message appears under the organization name: Not Configured. Please connect the CLA App to the Github Org. Click the message link to return to Step 4.

8. Repeat Steps 2 through 7 to connect as many organizations as you want.

Important: To enable a CLA check on a repository, you must configure a GitHub repository or add a Gerrit instance. Simply adding an organization to the project does not enable the CLA check for any CLA groups.

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