Add Contributor License Agreements

The CLA Management Console lets you select a template style to use for your Corporate CLA and Individual CLA.

In some circumstances, you need to change the legal text of the CLA agreement in major and minor revisions:

  • A major revision (for example, a change to your charter) is one in which you are legally required to have all contributors re-sign the revised agreement.

  • A minor revision is one that does not change a legal perspective and contributors do not need to re-sign the revised agreement.

In these cases, you simply add the updated CLA using the same procedure as for adding the initial CLA.

Verify that the pop-up blocker is disabled on your browser before you begin this procedure.

To Add CLA:

1. Sign in to the CLA management console.

2. Click a project of interest.

3. Go to the CLA group to which you want to add a CLA and click SELECT TEMPLATE. The Select a template page appears and lists available templates.

4. Click the button on the template you want to use.

A template information form appears. The information you enter in this form will populate the corresponding fields in the resulting Corporate CLA and Individual CLA PDFs. The following form is an example; each form is specific to the project.

5. Complete the form fields and click GENERATE AND REVIEW PDFS. The CLA appears.

6. Click VIEW CCLA (Corporate CLA) or VIEW ICLA (Individual CLA) to view the respective PDF and scroll through the content to review it.

7. Click DONE. (BACK TO TEMPLATE INFORMATION returns you to the template form.)

The Projects page shows that you have successfully uploaded the Corporate CLA and Individual CLA templates under your CLA Group. Refresh the page if the templates do not appear.

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