Add or Delete CLA Managers

CCLA managers have the following responsibilities:

  • Add a company to a project.

  • Authorize domain names and email addresses.

  • Change the settings to manage your company CLAs.

To Add or Delete CLA Managers:

  1. Sign in to the corporate console.

  2. Click a company of interest.

    The CLA Corporate Console shows Signed CLAs.

  3. Click a CLA.

    Project Signatures lists the CCLA Managers and Employee Acknowledgements for the project.

Add a CCLA Manager

  1. Click the plus sign (+) in the CLA Managers pane.

    The Add CLA Manager dialog appears.

  2. Enter the Linux Foundation identification of the CCLA manager who you want to add and click SAVE.

The CCLA manager is listed under CLA Managers.

Delete a CCLA Manager

  1. Click Delete next to a CCLA manager to remove that person as a CCLA signatory.

  2. Click DELETE on the Delete Manager confirmation dialog.

The CCLA manager is removed from under CLA Managers.

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