May 2021

The LFX Insights, May 2021 release delivers support for new data sources and metrics— GitHub Reviews, Changeset Reviews metrics as source control systems, Circle CI as build system, and Google Groups as Email system to visualize project related communication activities. Gerrit Changeset Approval and GitHub PR Efficiency dashboards are enhanced for better clarity of project data.

Added Features

The following new features are added in May 2021 release of LFX Insights:

For more information on added features, see

GitHub – Reviews Dashboard & Efficiency Metrics

New GitHub Reviews Dashboard and an improved GitHub Efficiency Dashboard are added to provide more clarity around pull request merge times. GitHub Efficiency Dashboard is redesigned to help project maintainers set goals around PR merge times. For details about new visualizations of GitHub PR, see Reviews and Efficiency.

Google Groups & CircleCI

Google Groups addition expands Insights email coverage. It provides richer context around what the community is talking about, and help project community managers to better engage and acknowledge their community members. To know amore about how google groups data is onboarded, see How does Insights collect Google Groups Mailing List Data? **** For details about visualizations, see Google Groups.

Circle CI Dashboards: LFX Insights supports a new build system— CircleCI, providing various builds related-metrics right on the Insights dashboard for your project, helping you monitor your project’s build pipeline and improve workflow efficiency. For details about visualizations, see CircleCI.

Gerrit Changeset Dashboards

Gerrit Changesets Dashboards are redesigned to help project maintainers analyze and set goals around changeset approvals and merge times. For details about the added/enhanced visualizations, see Gerrit Changeset.

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