September 2021

The LFX Insights, September 2021 release delivers support for the new Trends dashboards that provides a comprehensive analytics of project performance, in the form of metrics, for all projects and project-groups. The metrics computed for the trends dashboard are more focused towards the code development areas such as, contributors, commits, lines of code, change requests, and issue management.

A global trends dashboard, the default landing page, for LFX Insights shows data aggregated across all the onboarded projects on LFX Insights. These data visualizations help project teams understand project performance and monitor the health of the project.

  • Global Trends: Shows aggregated performance data of all projects onboarded to Insights.

  • Project Group Trends: Shows aggregated performance data of all sub projects under the project group or foundation.

  • Individual Project Trends: Shows aggregated performance data of the individual project.

Project Card View: You can still see the old project card view by clicking View All Projects tab or search for the project using Search Projects filed.

Enhancement of project and project group landing page: The project and project group landing page shows the Trends dashboard when you click on a project card. This makes it easier to view aggregated metrics data for a project group, and to view sub groups under the project group.

Sub projects under a project group:

You can view all the sub projects under a project group, navigate to the sub project page by clicking a sub project, and search for a sub project using the Search project field.

High level aggregated all-time stats at the project level: The aggregated statistics across key code and ecosystem related metrics at each project level are displayed which is an extension to the previous high level statistics that were available only at the project group level.

New Navigation menu: Effective changes to the navigation menu to clearly reflect the data sources under each category. For example, a new menu option called Collaboration Metrics is added that includes data sources that fall under Chat, Mailing Lists and Documentation categories while Earned Media is available as a separate option.

The Summary dashboards are available, as before, under each menu option for Technical Metrics and Collaboration Metrics respectively.

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