Activity Analysis

The Activity Analysis dashboard provides various insights related to the documentation carried out for open-source projects.

Confluence is the main data source used to calculate the participants involved in documentation activities.

Document Activities

The graph shows the count of the total number of document activities during the selected time, analyzed by the type of activity.

The analysis is done based on the following parameters:

  • The number of document activities is calculated based on documentation content type such as new pages count, edited pages count, blog posts count, and attachments count.

Most Active Days

The graph shows the total document activities across the community documents aggregated by each day of the week. The 6-point radar charts show the data of the documentation activities for multiple projects.

The dashboard shows the following two metrics:

If you want to go back to the dashboard from any other screen, click the Tab on the Dashboard to toggle between dashboards.

The bar chart shows the list of the top 10 pages by the number of editions performed during the selected time period.

The bar chart shows the top 10 organizations identified by participant affiliations and ordered by the most number of email activities

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