Project Contributions

The Project Contributions feature in the Organization Dashboard provides valuable insights into various metrics related to project contributions. You can select a project from the drop-down menu and set a specific time range to analyze the following metrics:

Contributors Growth

This metric presents a comprehensive overview of the project’s contribution landscape, including the total number of individuals involved in its development and maintenance, such as maintainers, reviewers, and committers. Additionally, it offers a breakdown of these roles, detailing the specific numbers of maintainers, committers, and reviewers separately.


The Productivity metric measures the overall productivity of the selected project during the specified time range. It can include metrics such as commits, pull requests, and issues closed. This metric gives users an overview of how active and efficient the project has been.

Projects we contribute code to

This metric highlights the projects to which the selected project has contributed code. It provides users with visibility into the interconnectedness of different projects within the organization and helps in understanding the collaborative nature of the projects.

Mailing Lists

The Mailing Lists metric displays information related to the project's mailing lists, such as the number of messages exchanged, active participants, and trending topics. It helps users stay informed about the communication happening within the project community.

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