Active Membership

Dashboard provides you with a table with a list of all projects that have active memberships availed by your organization. To become an active member of an open source project, you need to purchase a membership. Various membership types are available, and you can choose one that best fits your organization’s needs

The active membership table in the dashboard provides you the following details:

  • Open source project for which your organization has an active membership.

  • Lists you the percentage of benefits available for different projects.

  • Links to view project engagement.

  • Link to explore more on active membership management.

  • When you click View Project Engagement button, the Project Contribution page appears providing you the details related to the project contribution from your organization. For more information, refer Project Contributions.

  • When you click View All Active Membership, the Membership Summary page appears that provides you details related to all active memberships associated with your organization. For more information, refer Active Membership in your Organization.

Total active membership is also displayed on top of the dashboard below your company name.

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