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What's New

The new release of Insights is now live with a refreshed user interface and new dashboards that make it easier to navigate and find the information that matters most.
In the September 2022 release, Insights 2.0 supports Git and GitHub. Support for all other dashboards will be released in batches very soon.
With this new release, there’s even more data and insights into the health of your project.
  • All the code-related technical data, such as commit analysis, technical contributor analysis, and repository analysis, are displayed on Trends and Project Analytics dashboards using visualization reports to boost users' interactivity.
  • Under Community Analytics and other service-specific dashboards, analytics of business-specific services, including Training and Certification, LFX Events, Webinars, LFX members, and many more, are shown.
  • A brand new Community Management application that provides complete visibility into community members' activities, affiliations, and identities (both individuals and organizations) and empowers community administrators to manage the individuals to recognize their contributions.

Key Highlights

The following are the key highlights of the new Insights 2.0 UI:
  • Do you want to know which organizations contribute most to our open-source projects? Check out our new Organization Contribution Index that displays technical contributions.
  • Are your contributors getting the most from their organization's LF Benefits? Does participation in your project require certifications? The Trainings & Certification Analytics dashboards give you a pulse on the Training and Certification landscape within the Linux Foundation. LFX Insights v2 global training analytics will allow us to understand the top training programs and more.
  • We define project health across the following categories:
    • Organization Contribution Index
    • Project Trends
    • Event Analytics
    • Webinar Analytics
    • Training & Certification
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