Contribution to Non Membership Projects

This table in the dashboard provides you with a list of projects that your company or organization is contributing but there is no active membership associated with the project. Even without having any active membership, organizations are allowed to contribute to the development of any open source project.

This table provides you the following details:

  • Non membership open source projects for which your organization is contributing.

  • Number of contributors associated with the project.

  • Number of contributions to the project.

  • Links to explore more on the project.

  • Link to discover other open source projects.

  • When you click Explore Project button, the Project detail page appears that provide you the details related to the different membership available with them. For more information, refer Membership Details.

  • When you click Discover Projects button, the Membership Summary page appears that provides you with the list of all available open source projects. For more information, refer Discover New Projects.

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