Total Contributors

The dashboard provides a statistical analysis of total contributors since the start of the project. The line chart shows the count of the total number of technical contributors across commits, pull requests/change sets, and issues aggregated since the start of the project.

For the current release, GitHub and Git are the two data sources used to calculate contributors across all monitored repositories during the selected time period.

The analysis is done based on the following parameters:

  • Contributor ID data is based on the user ID, identity ID, and email ID. The contributor ID can be the user ID and identity ID (unclaimed).

  • User roles such as author , co-author, reviewer, signer, etc.

  • Project IDs and subproject IDs are selected from the repositories.

On the chart, you can analyze the following data:

  • The X-axis shows the time when the project started. The Y-axis shows the number of contributors. Hover over the points on the charts to see the total contributor value for the selected month.

  • The percent change value is defined as the increase or decrease of the total contributor count compared to the previous period.

To analyze the contributor dashboard, click CONTRIBUTOR LEADERSHIP at the bottom of the chart that takes you to the Community Management > People dashboard.

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