New Contributors

The dashboard provides a statistical analysis of the number of contributors who contributed towards commits, pull requests, or issues for the first time during the selected time period.

On the stacked bar chart, you can analyze the following data:

  • The X-axis shows the time when the project started. The Y-axis shows the number of new contributors. The colors on the chart show affiliated, unaffiliated, and independent contributors. Hover over the charts to see the new contributor value for the selected month.

  • The annotation box shows the percent change value of total affiliated and total unaffiliated contributors compared to the previous period.


The Observations board gives the following insights:

  • The count of new contributors joining the project increased or decreased by X% compared to the preceding period.

  • An average of X new contributors joined the project during the selected time period.

  • The number of new contributors affiliated with an organization is X% more or less compared to unaffiliated new contributors.

  • An average of X new contributors identified themselves as independent developers during the selected time period.

Click VIEW ALL to view the Community Management > People > Technical Contributors > New & Promising dashboard.

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