Community Analytics

What is Community Management?

Community Management is an application, within Insights 2.0, that enables Community Managers or Project Maintainers get a comprehensive profile information of community members (technical contributors), and create and manage affiliations and identities of technical contributors to appropriately recognize their contributions within the community.

  • In June 2022 release, Community Management supports dashboards related to contributor management, and global events.

  • All dashboards of community management are displayed when you sign in to LFX Insights as a community manager.

What service does Community Management provide?

It allows Community Managers (CM) to take the following actions on behalf of the contributors within their communities:

  • Associate the contributor identities with missing LFIDs to an existing profile.

  • Disassociate an identity (or identities) from a contributor profile.

  • Create a profile for a contributor identity that cannot be associated to any existing profile.

  • Add or Edit or Delete affiliations for contributors.

How does Community Management Work?

After Community Managers or Project Administrators add various connectors, using PCC, either by using native connectors provided by the Linux Foundation or by using custom connectors of their own, all the data are fetched from the connected data sources and are displayed as visualization reports.

Note: June 2022 release supports only Git, GitHub, and Gerrit data sources.

Can project maintainers also do all the activities that are done by Community Managers?

Use cases:

  • As a maintainer, I want to bring in my own new data sources into LFX Insights

  • As a maintainer, I want to use Zapier to bring in data from various sources into LFX Insights

  • As a maintainer, I want to be able to distinguish between various contributors and identify their reach so as to have appropriate levels of engagement with them

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