Impact by New Contributors

The Dashboard shows the impact on the selected projects by the new contributor. The chart combines two data sets with a line chart that helps you to compare the data. The chart shows the total number of commits pushed by new contributors vs total commits during the selected time period.

On the chart, you can analyze the following data:

  • Hover over the chart to see the new contributor commits vs total for the selected month.

  • The annotation box shows the percent change value of total commits by new contributors compared to the previous period.

  • The commits by new contributors include the number of code commits authored and co-authored by new contributors.

  • The total commits include all the commits authored and co-authored by other non-new, i.e., existing contributors.

  • The commits shown in the graph exclude empty commits, merge commits, and commits by bots.

Click VIEW ALL to view the Community Management > People > Technical Contributors > New & Promising dashboard.

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