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Insights 2.0

There are two primary dashboards in the Insights release: Global trends and analytics for all LF projects and LF project-specific trends and metrics:
  • Global Trends displays project performance dashboards for all the projects on-boarded by the Linux Foundation.
  • Select an individual project from the All Projects page or the search bar. You will see Project Analytics and Community Analytics dashboards that provide project-specific analytical data.
The Organization Contribution Index and the Project Trends dashboards are accessible without signing in. However, you must sign in to the portal to view all other global and project-specific dashboards.
The following Global dashboards are applicable to all the projects onboarded to LFX Insights::
  • Organization OSS Index: You do not need to sign in to view the dashboard. You can search for a specific project and view the contribution details of that project.
  • Project Trends: This is the landing page for Insights. Sign-in is not required to view details.
The following project-specific dashboards are displayed after you select a project from the All Projects list:
  • Project Analytics: Trends (project specific), technical contributors, code velocity, and code base.
  • Community Analytics: Navigate to Community Analytics > People to view the contributor management dashboard. Community managers can use this dashboard to view and make necessary changes to the profiles and identities of technical contributors within their community.
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