Meetings tab provides with list of all the meetings that are scheduled between representatives from your organization and the representation from the project. These meetings are also associated with the various meetings as part of committee.

The meetings tab allows you to view your meetings either in List View or Calendar View.

List View

The list view provides you meeting details related to a particular individual. To view individual meeting details, you need to click Go to Individual Dashboard link. For more information, refer My Profile.

Calendar View

Calendar view provides the details of the scheduled meetings in a calendar. The numbers of meetings scheduled for the day is shown on the date and day of the calendar. A table with details of the meetings is also available to check the following details related to the meeting:

  • Time of the meeting

  • Meeting name

  • Number of participants in the meeting

  • Status of the attendance

You can see the private meetings by visiting the Go to Individual Dashboard link.

You can categorize the meetings based on:

  • All up coming meetings

  • Recurring meetings

  • Non recurring meetings

  • Past meetings

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