Training Insights

Training insights tab under Training and Certifications provides you a complete insights on various training programs which are enrolled by your employees. The training insights allows you to extract information on popular training programs in your organization, comparing your training programs with other organizations and many other information related to the trainings.

The following list provides you the complete details that can extracted from the Training Insights:

  • Horizontal bar graph to compare top 10 trainings enrolled from your organization with other organization

  • Popular training programs in your organization

  • List of trained employees in your organization

  • Graphical representation of your trained employees across the geography

Comparison of Training Programs Between Your Organization and Other Organization

This horizontal bar graph provides you the list of top 10 courses completed by your organization versus all the organization.

You can also customize the graph based on Organization with similar number of employees, organization with similar industry segment.

This table provides you the information on the trainings that are popular in your organization. The popularity of the training program is determined based on the number of employees enrolled for the respective training programs.

This table provides you information on training programs, and number of employees enrolled.

Trained Employees of your Organization

This table provides you the information on employees who are trained in various programs. The list provides details such as employee name, number of training courses enrolled by them and the training program details.

When you click View Details button, you can see a popup box that provides you details such as training program name, employee name enrolled for the training and the date of enrollment.

Trained Employees of your Organization across the Globe

The globe graphical representation provides you a pictorial view of trained employees across all your organization scattered across the globe. If your organization has different locations which are situated across different geographical locations, with the help of this graphic you can view all your trained employees.

You can view the number of trained employees when you hover over the mouse on the different locations as well the different color code provides you with the information on the trained employees.

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