Contributors Churned

The dashboard provides a statistical analysis of the total number of contributors who actively participated in technical contributions and those who drifted away.

A contributor is considered drifting away if they have not performed any activity across commits, PRs, or issues in the last 6 months but were active at some point in the last year.

On the multicolor bar chart, you can analyze the following data:

  • The two-color bar shows the total number of active contributors and the number of contributors drifting away for the selected month. The blue color on the bar shows active contributors, and the orange color shows the contributors drifting away.

  • The annotation boxes on the chart show the active contributors and drifting away contributors' percent change compared to the previous period.


The observation matrix shows the following insights:

  • The month when there was the highest number of contributors drifted away last year.

  • The average number of contributors drifted away last year.

  • The percent change in the number of drifted away contributors last year.

To get the data, click VIEW ALL to view the Community Management > People > Technical Contributors > Drifting dashboard.

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