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Contribution Affiliation

The doughnut chart displays code contributions, or commits, across all projects, from affiliated, unaffiliated, and individual contributors. Hover over a colored section to view the number of commits made by those contributors.
Code contribution activities: commits, change requests submitted and reviewed, and issues created, reviewed, and resolved by affiliated, unaffiliated, and independent contributors.
  • Affiliated Contributors: Contributors who are affiliated to organizations other than 'Individual-No Account' affiliation.
  • Unaffiliated Contributors: Contributors whose organization affiliation to the project has either expired or is currently defaulted to 'Individual-No Account' which means the individuals themselves have not provided any affiliation.
  • Individual Contributors: Contributors who are affiliated as 'Individual-Account''.
It also displays:
  • Average number of commits made by all types of contributors, across all projects, during the selected time range.
  • Rate of change (in percentage) in the number of commits from the previous time period to the selected time period.
For more information, see contributors from members organizations.
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