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Release Schedule

September 2022

Release Date
Connectors support
31 October 2022
Gerrit, Jira and Confluence
30 November 2022
Slack,, Google Groups and Pipermail
16 December 2022
Bugzilla, Jenkins, CircleCI, Docker Hub registry
30 December 2022
Earned Media, Twitter
31 January 2022

September 2022

Supported Data Sources

Git, and GitHub. The LFX Insights, June 2022 release delivers support only for Git and GitHub (also called native connectors).

Public and Private Dashboards

Organization OSS Index and Trends under Global are displayed publicly, which means you do not need to sign-in to view these dashboard data. However, to view all other global and project-specific dashboards, you must sign in to LFX Insights.
Following are various newly added dashboards to Insights 2.0:

Organization OSS Index

Organization OSS Index, under Global, provides analytics of organization performance, such as how many total commits are made by the contributors from different organizations, how active or inactive an organization is in contributing code to the projects, and many more other details.
This is an enhancement of the previously existing Trends dashboard. This release supports only Technical Metrics, and displays aggregated performance data of all projects onboarded to Insights.

Analytics of Business Specific Services across all Projects

  • Event Analytics dashboard, under Global, provides analytics related to various LFX events. The analysis includes how many individuals registered for the events, how many individuals attended the events, how many individuals attended as speakers, how many organizations (individuals from different affiliated organizations) participated in the events, and so on.
  • Webinar Analytics dashboard, under Global, provides analytics of webinars conducted by the Linux Foundation. This includes data such as how many individuals registered for the webinars verses how many actually attended the webinars, attendees by geography, top most popular webinars, and so on.
  • Training and Certification Analytics dashboard, under Global, provides analytics of all the training and certification programs conducted by the Linux Foundation. It provides an insight into how popular the programs are and how much of an impact these programs have in the open source community.
  • Membership Analytics dashboard, under Global, provides an in-depth analysis of organizations' growth, new organizations joining the Linux Foundation as members, projects these organizations are contributing code to, and many more details.

Project Analytics

Project Analytics provides analytics of an individual project or project group. This release supports the following dashboards:
  • Technical Contributors: Displays analytics of contributor strength and acquisition, unaffiliated contributors, participating organizations, and many more.
  • Code Velocity: Displays data related to commit analysis, PR pipeline, issue request pipeline, build, and release pipelines.
  • Code Base: Displays analytics of all the Git repositories.

Community Management

The brand new Community Management tool provides comprehensive analytics of the project community and lets community managers manage their project communities.
The September 2022 release provides support for the technical contributor management dashboard under Community Management. This contributor management dashboard enables community managers:
  • View profile details (affiliations and identities) and contribution details of the contributors within the community. Contribution details include code-related activity, such as PRs, commits, and GitHub issues created, submitted, reviewed, approved, or merged.
  • Make necessary changes, such as adding or deleting affiliations and identities of contributors.
New Navigation menu: Effective changes to the navigation menu to clearly reflect the analytics under each category. For example, a new menu option called Event Analytics displays data very specific to the events organized by the Linux Foundation during a selected time range.
Project Card View: You can still see the old project card view by clicking the All Projects tab or searching for the project using the Search Projects field.
Enhancement of project and platform landing pages: The platform (Insights 2.0) and individual project landing pages show the Trends dashboard when you either open Insights 2.0 or select an individual project from the project list. This makes it easier to view aggregated metrics data for all projects or individual projects.
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