The Linux Foundation organizes various open-source events throughout the year, benefiting various open-source projects. These events play a crucial role in building and sustaining open-source communities.

Why attend these open-source events?

  • Exchange Ideas: Participants can share their knowledge and exchange ideas with the community.

  • Learn from Peers: Attendees can learn from other open-source enthusiasts and experts.

  • Collaborate: These events foster collaboration among developers, designers, and contributors.

  • Innovate: Participants can design and develop new open-source solutions.

  • Security Challenges: Hackathons address security challenges and troubleshoot issues.

  • Linux Foundation Events: You can explore all the events organized and hosted by the Linux Foundation.

  • Organizations’ Role:

    • Registration: Organizations can register and participate in various events.

    • Support: By sponsoring events, organizations contribute to bringing the open-source community together to tackle challenges collectively.

You can check out all the events organized and hosted by the Linux Foundation at Linux Foundation Events.

Events in Overview

The Organization Dashboard assists you in managing events related to your organization. The events tab provides all information related to open source events and contributions of your organization in developing the open source project.

The events tab provides you the information on the following:

  • Attendees - Total number of employees attended from your organization for open source events.

  • Speakers - Total number of speakers from your organization for the open source events.

  • Travel Funding Reserved - Travel Funding received from the Linux Foundation for various open source events. This fund will help the open source developers and community members to participate in open source events which would had been difficult without getting travel funds from the Linux Foundation.

  • Sponsorship - Total number of events sponsored from your organization for the open source events.

  • Audience Reach - Audience reach for the open source event.

  • Next upcoming events provides you with the engagement on 3 upcoming events.

    • Event date - Date when the even is going to happen.

    • Event venue details - location where the event is going to happen.

    • Number of registrants - Number of participants from your organization planning to attend the event.

    • Number of sponsorship - Sponsorship that they have submitted and sponsoring

    • Number of speakers from your organization

    • Audience reach

  • On click of Explore Events link, the Events Insights page appears that provides you details related to attendees, speakers, sponsorship and travel funding. For more information, refer Events.

  • On click of View LF Events link, the upcoming LF events webpage appears. For more information refer Upcoming LF Events.

The data that is populated in this dashboard is from the year 2023. If the data is not available and if they are yet to make any contributions , they need to start participating in upcoming events.

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