Training and Certifications

Linux Foundation offers various training and certifications which will help the professionals to build and develop their skills across various platforms such as Linux Kernel, Kubernetes, Hyperledger, Node js and many other courses and certifications. These course and certifications are designed and developed by industry experts to meet the requirement of current technical requirement across the industries.

You can visit Training and Certification site for more information on Linux Training and Certifications.

Organizations can register and enroll into various training provided by Linux Foundation. They can also apply for the certification exams that are offered by Linux Foundation.

Training and Certifications in Dashboard

Organization dashboard assists you to manage trainings and certifications. Trainings & Certifications (T&C) tab in dashboard provides you with all information related to the training and certifications associated with your organization.

The data that is represented in this dashboard is from the year 2023.

The Training & Certification tab provides you the information on the following:

  • Trainees - Number of employees from your organization who has completed the training.

  • Certificants - Number of employees from your organization who are certified for the completed trainings.

  • A chart that shows month wise trainees and certificants. The growth of how many employees who are trained from the this month to the last two months. On click of the legend, you can see month wise data for the trainees and certificants for the last three months.

When you click Explore Training and Certification link, the Training and Certification Summary page appears that provides you details related training and certification associated with your organization. For more information, refer Training and Certification.

If your organization does not have any training and certifications, you can contact the support team to learn more on Training and Certification from the Linux Foundation by sending mail by click of Contact Us.

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