Mentorship makes pairing promising open-source talent with experienced mentors easier than ever. A mentorship program is a structured relationship between a mentor and a mentee, aimed at helping the mentee achieve their personal or professional goals. Invest in building a more robust and diverse community of qualified developers and engineers.

The main goal of a mentorship program is to transfer knowledge, skills, and experience from the mentor to the mentee in order to help the mentee grow and develop in their personal and professional lives.

How to Participate

You can participate in the Linux Foundation Mentorship program as a program administrator, a mentor, or a mentee.

Program Administrator: As a program administrator, you will enroll in a mentorship program on the platform and act as a single point of contact for mentors, mentees, and the Linux Foundation HR and finance teams. Specifically, you collaborate with mentors during the application review process and work closely with The Linux Foundation's HR and finance teams to oversee the mentee acceptance process and stipend payments.

Mentor: Mentors volunteer their time to work with mentees during the mentorship program. You will need to create a mentor profile on the Mentorship platform before requesting to be a mentor for the Linux Foundation Mentorship program.

Mentee: Mentees need to create a mentee profile in order to apply to The Linux Foundation's mentorship programs. As a mentee, you will have the opportunity to contribute to an open-source project while working under the guidance of an experienced mentor who's an active contributor to the project and open-source community.

How does the program work?

First, a project administrator enrolls a project. Then, mentors and mentees participate as shown in the following high-level diagram:

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