Redemption Codes

Redemption Code Overview

Redemption codes allows you to create a unique code that can be redeemed only once and can be used by only one learner or user. Once created, individual codes are distributed to each learner, to be redeemed one time only. In other words, each learner gets their own unique code to be used just one time.

How to Create Redemption Code

To create a redemption code, perform the following steps:

1.From the dashboard, hover over the left side bar menu and click Users and then click Redemption Code.

2.The Redemption Code page appears. Click Add Redemption Code.

3.The Create Redemption Code page appears. You have two options to generate the redemption codes - Upload Codes I've Created and Automatically Generate Codes.

  • You can upload the redemption codes that you already created by clicking Upload Codes I've Created. You need to download the CSV template and then add your codes in it and upload it.

You must limit your codes to 20 characters and use only "a-z", "0-9" and "-".

  • You can also generate the redemption codes automatically. Click Automatically Generate Codes.

The Create Redemption Code page appears. You need to enter the following details as mentioned in the below table:




Enter the name for the redemption code. The general format that is suggested is <Panorama Name>-<Sublicense Name>-<Purchase ID>

Length of Code

Enter the length of the code. Minimum is 4 characters and maximum is 20 characters

Number of Codes

Enter the number of codes that you want to generate

Panorama & Sublicense

Search for the required panorama that you want to assign


Once you associate a panorama account, you can select the sublicense or the main license.

Redemption Expiration Date

Select the expiration date for the redemption code. You can leave it blank if you do not want the expiration date

Days of Access

Enter the usage allowance in days. You can also leave this field blank.

4.Click Save after providing all the details as explained in the above table.

The new redemption code is created.

For more information on how to create a redemption code, click TI Knowledge Center.

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