Can a "Manager" use the "Invite Learner" button to invite individual learners to the Panorama?

No, Panorama Managers doesn’t have permissions to invite Learners. Only Global Admins have the permissions to invite learners. But, at the moment even Global Admins cannot invite learners as TI is not supporting SSO. The team is working on this to resolve. At this point, you can only enroll learners using redemption or registration codes.

Can we change a Learners email after they created their LF ID and registered on the Panorama?

No, email address is provided by Auth0/SSO and can be only changed there. However, changing email is currently not supported by SSO and can possibly come in the future. Currently there is no option to change email address once LF ID is created.

If we change the Sublicense name - does this name change affect anything already issued? (for example) Registration or Redemption codes?

No, it will not have any affect.

Reports: Can a report be set to auto-run? Currently we run reports manually on the panorama.

Not sure, we will update this at the earliest.

Can a Panorama Manager promote the learners to the Manager role?

No, only the global Admins from LF can promote a learner to a manager.

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