Different Roles in Panorama Account


There are different roles available in Panorama that can be assigned to the users or learners. Following are the different roles that are available in Panorama account:

  • Admin

  • Client Admin

  • Client Manager

  • Course Author

  • Customer Service

  • Instructor

For this release, you can only assign Client Manager role to the learner or user.

How to Assign a Role

To assign a role to the user, perform the following steps:

1.From the dashboard, hover over the left side bar menu and click Users and then click Learners.

2.The Learners page appears with the list of learners. Go to the required learner and click Manage.

Make sure to check if the user is already associated with the Panorama account. Click Access, the Access detail page appears. In the Panorama and Sublicense, you can see if the user is associated with the correct Panorama account. If the user is not associated, make sure to associate that user to the Panorama account.

3.Click Role, the User Role page appears. From the New Role drop-down list, select Client Manager and then click Save.

The Client Manager role will be assigned to the user.

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